Angu Drombb

Leader of a group of thugs harrassing Twi'lek miners.


Angu Drombb was a heavy set and squat man with an angry red face and a shock of fluffy auburn hair. He tried to cultivate sophisticated airs and habitually wore an expensive suit, but he was naturally a vulgar man and found the fa├žade difficult to maintain.


Angu Drombb was a human thug who was hired by Teemo the Hutt to cause the Twi’leks of the settlement of New Meen so much trouble that they gave up their mining settlement. Drombb and his hired thugs habitually made life miserable for the Twi’leks by driving their huge construction vehicles into the settlement and causing damages, and generally being rude and belligerent. Violence had started to be threatened.

Trex Inc. decided to make an example of Drombb and, with the support of some brave Twi’lek volunteers, stormed Drombb’s settlement.

After a prolonged fight, Drombb and his men were defeated and left to the tender “mercies” of the Twi’lek populace. His fate is currently unknown, but likely not very comfortable.

His settlement has been repurposed by Trex Inc. as their own mining settlement, allied with the Twi’leks of New Meen.

Angu Drombb

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