B'ura B'an

A Twi'lek of New Meen, found aboard the Krayt Fang


A blue-skinned, aged Twi’lek found in the Krayt Fang’s prisoner hold. Freed by the crew, he led them to New Meen.


B’ura B’an is a Twi’lek from the mining settlement of New Meen on Ryloth. He and some of his fellow miners were in conflict with a group of Aqualish thugs who were terrorizing and extorting the Twi’leks in the surrounding area.

After the conflict seemed to have died down, B’ura B’an found out that some underworld figures had stepped in to take over in the Aqualish group’s place, and made a trip to the city of Nabat. En route, he was attacked, maimed and captured by the slaver Trex. The fight with the Trandoshan cost him his left lekku, which is akin to losing a hand to another species. Traumatized and imprisoned, he wallowed in despair on the way to Tatooine.

Upon being freed by the PCs, B’ura B’an pleaded to return to Ryloth, promising fuel and safety if they brought him to Nabat.

After introducing the group to Nyn and her cell of militants, B’ura B’an accompanied the PCs to New Meen, where, after some misadventures with bounty hunters, he was met with great cheers of happiness by his friends. He then asked the PCs to help after learning of how the situation has worsened for the people of New Meen.

He is currently their staunch supporter and a friendly neighbour to their new settlement.

B'ura B'an

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