Maru Jakkar

A slender human woman with coldly sophisticated airs.


Maru Jakkar was a partygoer at Duke Piddock’s reception. She wore a close fitting suit of black
leather and accessorizes with a flowing, brightly colored headscarf worn in the fashion of wealthy Coreworlders. She tended to keep to herself and speak only with Duke Piddock, but her aloofness proved alluring to the crew of the Krayt Fang.

Though each member of the crew approached her and tried to get her to open up about herself, all they managed to gather was that she was very interested in alien culture. She was evidently there to buy some antiques from Duke Piddock.

Each time the PCs approached her and attempted to be charming, she coolly rejected their advances and turned away in scorn. Zauw had the best conversation, but still garnered very little about this mysterious woman.

Maru Jakkar

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