Nyn Kablo

A militant Twi'lek leader from Nabat.


Nyn Kablo is the PCs most important contact on Ryloth. She runs a resistance cell and has the most resources to assist our crew with.


Nyn Kablo, a soft-spoken female Twi’lek with buff-colored skin and an air of languid grace. She is the leader of a militant group who resist the Empire and any who impose on the nearby mining settlements.

After B’ura B’an introduced the PCs to Nyn, she thanked them and asked them a favour – to help B’an return to New Meen and liberate it from its oppressors. She was only able to offer some meager supplies and the use of a land speeder to assist them, but was very glad for their help.

Once New Meen was freed, Nyn warmed up further and introduced the PCs to Ota, a Bothan with news for them.

As they left, Nyn agreed to take care of Mygno’s dewback for them, since it was not exactly spaceworthy.

After the events that culminated in IG-90’s emancipation, Nyn has started taking care of Myngo and trying to keep the Bothan clean. She also tries her best to act as a buffer between the spaceport and the PC’s settlement whenever possible.

Nyn Kablo

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