Orpa and Wex Vio

A brother and sister smuggler team.


A young pair of humans from Corellia. Orpa wears her brown hair in a shaggy bob and dresses in a scuffed flight suit. Wex has a shock of brown hair and wears a buff tunic. They fly the smuggling ship Lucky Guess.

Trex Inc met this pair of smuggler siblings during Duke Piddock’s party. Wex is the more jovial and open of the siblings, (he was admittedly a little drunk by the time he met the PCs) while Orpa is more reserved and businesslike. Zauw agreed to help the pair unload some cargo for a reduced rate on their passage to Teemo’s Palace, speaking for the whole group. Because of Wex’s intoxication, Zauw managed to get a very good deal, to Orpa’s chagrin. In the interests of getting a happy customer, she relented.

When the group came to board the ship, they suddenly came under fire from an unseen shooter and Trex went down in a flurry of blaster bolts. Wex hollered for Orpa to get the ship fired up. As she attended to that, Wex helped Myngo and Rick carry the wounded Trex aboard and assisted in stabilizing his wound.

After dropping the crew off, Wex and Orpa wished them luck and exchanged contact information.

They recently sent Trex Inc valuable information that led to the Jewel of Yavin heist, and have agreed to act as an in-between for Trex Inc and the arms dealer Jackdool, who operates out of Cloud City.

Orpa and Wex Vio

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