A mysterious Bothan with his hands in many pots.


Ota is a Bothan with many connections and a mysterious set of ambitions.


Ota was introduced to Trex Inc as a Bothan with information they needed. After showing the group the bounty that was on their heads and the implications that had, Ota suggested they kills two mynocks with one asteroid and work together.

Ota had dealings with a Geonosian duke named Piddock, who thought Ota was an arms dealer. By getting the PCs to infiltrate a party Piddock was holding, Ota would gain the information he wanted about Teemo and the PCs would be able to get access to the Hutt’s palace in some way other than simply the front door.

Ota stayed in contact throughout their dealings on Geonosis, and continues to be a shadowy contact with mysterious motives, though it seems that he is on their side.


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