Zauw's first attempt at creating a droid.


After liberating the Krayt Fang and escaping from Mos Schutta, Zauw took some time while in hyperspace to loot the mechanic’s room on the ship. With his practiced techie eye, he noticed that there were enough scattered parts and wires to create a fully operational astromech droid. On the way to Ryloth, Zauw and R5-K3 set to work and tinkered until they had created another mechanical life.

Intended to be used exclusively as a surrogate pilot for the newly acquired Nexu, R4 was programmed with little other functionality. While he excels in piloting and astrogation, he struggles to complete literally any other task.

The sounds of his binary speech sound like he is one capacitor short of an engine. At this point, Zauw usually uses him to assist with other tasks, rather than assigning him his own. Just in case his language is really indicative of his true nature.


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