Teemo the Hutt

A powerful Hutt crime boss operating near Mos Shuuta.


Like most Hutts, Teemo resembles a giant slug, with the small arms and huge eyes typical of his species.


Teemo lords over a good chunk of the crime syndicates and businesses on the edge of Tatooine closest to the settlement Mos Schutta. He employs hundreds of staff, from janitorial staff to bounty hunters to chefs to contract killers to gladiators.

Through various means, Teemo managed to get a hold on a number of our player characters when they were in dire straits.

Tossk, a bounty hunter by trade, accidentally killed a target Teemo wanted to torture before killing personally, so he was sentenced to be a gladiator to work off his debt to the Hutt.

Rick Cage took a loan from Teemo, which he paid back with extremely boring sentry duty and menial security work.

Zauw borrowed some funds from the Hutt and found himself haunted by the debt, and tried every underhanded way he could to get out of paying it back. His greed for technology prevents him from turning in what he made with the funds.

Myngo and his friend and bodyguard Zorgo had plied their criminal trade under Teemo for years, until one day Myngo had enough and decided to steal from the Hutt – resulting in the flight from the palace that brought the group together.

Teemo sent some Gamorrean grunts to apprehend his fleeing debtors, but they were swiftly dealt with in a Mos Schutta cantina. After the group managed to kill Trex, steal his ship and flee Tatooine, Teemo put a large bounty on the group’s head and sent his Kubaz spy, Thwheek, to hunt them down.

Eventually, the group learned of Teemo’s scheme to create a battle droid army with the help of the Geonosians, through some surreptitious computer work. Returning to Mos Schutta to attempt to permanently remove Teemo from their trail, the group infiltrated the palace. While Zauw erased all the data Teemo had on the group from his computer systems, Myngo disguised himself as a bounty hunter and handed Zorgo over to Teemo for his bounty. He managed not to get caught and got a fair price for the Trandoshan. Zorgo, once inside the prison, met Tossk and the group coordinated their efforts to escape the Hutt’s palace, with him oblivious to the fact that he now had nothing on them any longer.

Still, the long arm of this particular Hutt still seems to loom large over our intrepid coterie of heroes…

Teemo the Hutt

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