A Kubaz spy in Teemo's employ.


Thwheek was a spy Teemo had hunt and follow the escapees at the beginning of their adventures.


Thwheek was tasked with stalking and reporting on the crew who stole the Krayt Fang. Following in his Dunelizard starfighter, Thwheek arrived too late to catch up with the Krayt Fang when it arrived on Ryloth. Biding his time, he spotted his quarry after they returned to Nabat spaceport, but they only discovered the remains of the insect treats he devoured in his wake.

Returning to Tatooine to report to Teemo, Thwheek was shocked to learn that the escapees had returned to the palace on their own – some sneaking in, and some delivered as captives. When he attempted to ambush them, he was promptly killed.

Thwheek’s Dunelizard was stolen by Zauw and christened the Nexu.


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