A Trandoshan slaver, the original owner of the Krayt Fang.


Trex was the slaver Trandoshan who owned the Krayt Fang. When he resisted Zorgo’s mind games, he was promptly disarmed, and murdered, so that the fleeing party could steal his ship.


Rude and amoral. Trex was a textbook example of what Trandoshans are stereotyped as. Trex enjoyed hunting other beings, either for contracts, or for sport. A slaver, Trex was known to supply Teemo with beings to populate his palace. He was also known to enjoy the smell of dead Wookiees, having several pelts stored on the Krayt Fang at all times. He was also a known fan of Gamorrean opera.

Trex ran afoul of the PCs when he began to exit his ship. Upon seeing another Trandoshan, a Bothan and a human with a sword, he asked what they were doing on his ship. Zorgo infamously replied with “I am Trex,” a hilariously butchered attempt at tricking Trex into a state of identity crisis, before falling flat on his face. Myngo tripped when attempting to sneak around Trex, but Rick deftly cleaved Trex’s arm from his body before the slaver could react. After a short battle, Trex lay unconscious on the ramp of his own ship.

Upon coming around, Zauw noticed the unconscious Trandoshan and promptly shot him through the eye, thus ending the legend of Original Trex.


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