Vorn Tel-Ovis

A grumpy junk dealer in Mos Shuuta


Vorn is a junk dealer on Tatooine, dealing out of Mos Shuuta. He is grumpy, sour and all-around cantankerous. He was the one who owned the ship part the Krayt Fang needed to take off. Original owner of R5-K3.


Vorn is the junk dealer in Mos Shuuta who our intrepid heroes needed to get an essential part for the Krayt Fang from.

After observing how Vorn treated his droid, R5-K3, Zauw determined to emancipate it for his own use. Rick asked his Twi’lek dancer friend to distract Vorn (an easy target, as he hadn’t seen anything so attractive in years). As she danced provocatively, Zauw snuck R5 out the back of the shop and Myngo snatched the part they needed off of the workbench.

No one knows what Vorn did after realizing he had been robbed, but he likely was not any happier than he usually is.

Vorn Tel-Ovis

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