A Gand who attended Duke Piddock's party.


A large Gand wearing traditional Gand garb.


Vrixx’tt attended Duke Piddock’s party on Geonosis. Needing the help of a translator droid to speak to many of the guests, he was polite, but not very outwardly social.

During the course of the evening, Vrixx’tt discovered that the members of the PC crew had large bounties on their heads due to Teemo the Hutt, and decided to attempt to cash in. After their encounter with Duke Dimmock, he attempted to ambush them as they fled Geonosis on the smugglers’ ship, The Lucky Guess..

Firing from a place of concealment, he managed to critically wound Trex. As Rick and Myngo struggled to get the huge Trandoshan, who was bleeding out swiftly, aboard the ship, Zauw engaged in a furious blaster fight with Vrixx’tt, eventually shooting the Gand dead. Even with the urgency of the situation, Zauw took the time to fetch the Gand’s weapon before taking off with the others.


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