Commandant F. Eisty

The commander of a hidden Imperial research base.


Commandant F. Eisty was a middle-aged human who served as the commander of a hidden Imperial research base. He was average height, with greying dark hair and a persnickety attitude.


F. Eisty was the officer Myngo reported to when infiltrating the Imperial research base. The man’s choice in d├ęcor was sterile and he seemed to be very OCD about cleanliness. Myngo, though a short Bothan, managed to fool F. Eisty into thinking he was a scout trooper, even explaining away the blaster hole in his armor which exposed his fur as “from his fight with a vicious gundark.”

When the alarm was triggered as the heroes stormed the building, F. Eisty put the facility in lockdown and boarded an AT-PT to prevent the heroes’ escape. While he managed to intimidate and keep Trex and Rick at bay, he was unprepared for Zauw and Tossk to hijack his experimental TIE prototypes and blast his AT-PT. His body was not found in the wreckage.

Commandant F. Eisty

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