Twi'lek Dancer

An innocent and naive dancer Rick Cage convinced to join him, with tragic results.


A blue-skinned, lithe female member of the Twi’lek species, she was employed at a dancer in a cantina in Mos Shuuta.


After successfully defeating Teemo’s thugs in a Mos Shuuta cantina, Rick Cage and his friends wandered around the cantina, getting advice on how to escape Tatooine. Rick managed to convince the cantina’s dancer to follow them and she gladly accepted, pleased to be away from her demeaning job.
When the group realized they needed a certain part to secure themselves a ship, they went to Vorn’s shop. Needing a distraction, Rick asked the Twi’lek to dance for Vorn. She begrudgingly agreed, not enjoying the eyes of the grumpy old man on her.
Finally being able to approach the Krayt Fang, she stayed hidden while the group fought and defeated Trex and his security droids. Coming out when she was told it was safe, she happened to come up the ramp exactly at the time when Zauw executed the unconscious Trex. Stricken with fear and despair, she turned to run back to the degrading, yet stable life she had known. Zauw mercilessly shot her in the back, preventing her from telling anyone about their crimes.
Her death remains a sore spot between the mourning Rick and the ruthless Zauw.

Twi'lek Dancer

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